Am I at Risk of Postpartum Depression?

Some people are more likely than other people to develop postpartum depression. But, even though having certain risk factors may make you more prone to developing PPD doesn’t mean that you will. And you may have PPD even if you have none of the risk factors. Prenatal Depression and Prenatal Anxiety Until I developed postpartum…

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Trigger Warning: This post talks about miscarriage and infant loss. Both my children are rainbow babies. A rainbow baby is a child born after the loss of another child. They are called rainbows because they bring light back to your life and give you hope again. Being pregnant with a rainbow baby can be an…


It’s so strange to me how different my reactions to situations have been since having my second baby. I have become angry when a cup has been put away with the handle facing the “wrong” way. It’s totally ridiculous. I’m aware of most of these reactions but they’re usually out of my control. My poor…

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